Revert Soil Water Repellency Management System

Revert is a unique formulation of DEPRO 1299, a blend of organic coating removal agents combined with a best-in-class surfactant complex designed to provide the golf course superintendent with a broad, proactive approach to address the cause and problems associated with soil water repellency. Revert represents a new concept of deploying complementary technologies directed at both helping to correct the build-up of water repellent organic coatings on sand particles (the cause of water repellency) and providing relief from localized dry spots, poor infiltration of applied water and non-uniform water movement into the root zone (the symptoms of water repellency).



Managing Soil Water Repellency

The standard practice for treating water-repellent sand root zones is the systematic application of non-ionic soil surfactants. The use of block copolymers have become the preferred surfactant treatment chemistries. However, it should be remembered that these treatments are used to address the symptoms of water repellency – localized dry spot, infiltration and water movement problems. Addressing the cause of water repellency – the build-up of water repellent organic coatings — will require newer technology. That technology is available now! REVERT Soil Water Repellency Management System.

Keep Progressive Nature of Water Repellency Under Control

To entirely remove humic substances from the soil ecosystem would not be beneficial, inasmuch as decomposition of organic materials are an essential component of a healthy soil. However, in highly managed greens and tees, controlling organic matter build up on soil particles is particularly important to maintain adequate infiltration, hydration and drainage. And this is the designed purpose for REVERT – providing the golf course superintendent with a soil management tool to keep the progressive nature of water repellency under control.


Apply REVERT at 6 oz. per 1000 sq. ft. in 2 gallons of water (180 ml. per 100 sq. meters in 8 liters of water).

For best results, apply monthly throughout the growing season. No watering is required when used at recommended rates.

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