Meter Injectable Soil Surfactant

METER is a highly specialized injectable soil surfactant designed to overcome problems with penetration and infiltration of water into the soil profile due to the variability of the soil matrix and water repellency at or near the surface of the soil profile. Unlike many “soil penetrants,” METER’s unique blend of soil surfactants will also help correct soil water repellency conditions that disrupt the uniform distribution, hydration, retention and drainage of turfgrass rootzones.



Meter Technology

The use of injectable soil surfactants to improve the movement of water into the soil from irrigation systems and rainfall is not only an accepted practice, but it is also encouraged as an injection protocol to conserve water. However, the variability of soft surface (thatch and surface litter) and hard surface (soil matrix) interfaces can impact surfactant performance as water makes its journey into and through the soil profile.

The METER Injectable Soil Surfactant construction consists of two high performance block copolymers. Both surfactants in the METER formulation contain non-polar “anchors” that the surfactants use to adhere to the water repellent surfaces on and within the soil profile. Once attached to the non-polar surfaces, negative sites on the surfactants serve as sites for water molecules attachment (adhesion). Attachment of water molecules to the surfactants in METER promote hydration of the surfaces and reduce surface tension that enhances penetration, infiltration and contributes to uniform flow in the soil profile.

Uniform Movement of Water through the soil profile

Both surfactants in the METER formulation contribute to preventing disruption of the wetting front by creating sites for water attachment (reducing surface tension). The larger, more complex difunctional copolymer surfactant also promotes downward and lateral movement of water (matrix flow).


Greens, Tees, Fairways, Lawns and Sports Turf

Injection: For optimum results, inject METER Injectable Soil Surfactant at a rate of 12-24 fl oz per acre (1-2 L per hectare) every 1-2 weeks or as needed.

It is highly recommended that METER Injectable Soil Surfactant be applied prior to the development of environmental conditions that promote plant stress and water repellency on thatch and soil particle surfaces.

Technical Information