Right Way Programs

The majority of problems associated with the management or production of plants have been successfully addressed by professional turfgrass managers and horticulturalists through the implementation of established best practices and proven management programs.

Today, golf course superintendents, LCO operators and horticulturists are expected to transition to 21st century sustainable management principles and practices that focus on minimizing environmental impacts, improve economic bottom lines and grow a community culture for sustainability.



In order to comply with sustainable precepts, it may be necessary to change or amend previous management/production practices and reduce resources that result in the creation and implementation of new, innovative approaches to measurably satisfy new sustainable norms for turfgrass and horticultural management/production.

RIGHTWAY programs represent new turfgrass and horticultural management platforms that utilize comprehensive “sets” of solutions that rather than just provide remedies for singular components of a management/production issue, go step further to actually change or reinstitute soil and plant conditions that help the golf course superintendent, LCO operator and horticulturist deliver high quality turfgrass and horticultural plants while at the same complying with short and long term sustainable practice expectations.

Products recommended under RIGHTWAY programs are specifically designed to integrate within sustainable turfgrass and horticultural management practices with emphasis on repairing and restoring unfavorable characteristics in soils/substrates and/or increasing the physiological adaptive capacity of plants to tolerate abiotic stresses and adapt to new growth and production environments established under sustainable management practices.


The benefits from deploying a RIGHT WAY program strongly correspond with positive plant response associated with successful tactical management, repair and reinstatement of soil quality and plant adaptability mechanisms.

This is accomplished through the use of combinations of leading edge products that work in concert to go beyond just mediation of recurring problems in the soil plant continuum.

Technical Information

RIGHT WAY Technical Bulletin

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