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WELLHEAD Soil Surfactant is designed specifically to treat and encourage rapid recovery from existing problems associated with water repellency such as localized dry spot (LDS) and  dry patch. Applications of WELLHEAD soil surfactant help the professional turfgrass manager overcome problems with poor penetration and infiltration of water into the soil profile and inadequate hydration and rehydration of the rootzone.

Unlike many “soil penetrants,” WELLHEAD’s unique blend of two triblock soil surfactants will also help correct soil water repellency conditions that disrupt the uniform distribution, hydration, retention and drainage of water in turfgrass rootzones. Non-uniform movement of water due to water repellency at or near the surface of the soil profile is also corrected with applications of WELLHEAD.

Causes of Dry Patch or
Localized Dry Spot

There is general agreement that the cause of dry patch or LDS is water repellency -- the build-up of non-polar organic coatings on mineral surfaces in the upper root zone. The origin of these organic coatings has long been recognized as decomposing plant litter. When these organic coatings are subjected to wet and dry cycles (such as found in the upper root zone), they can become water repellent (hydrophobic). Once soil mineral particles become water repellent, areas of the rootzone cannot hold or retain water needed to meet metabolic requirements. As temperatures elevate, turfgrass growing in these water repellent areas weaken or may die from the lack of water and nutrients

Once established, water repellent coatings caused by organic materials such as humic substances are very difficult, if not impossible to remove. Water repellency caused by organic coatings usually increase in severity over time and therefore, should be expected to be an annual problem for the turfgrass manger.

WELLHEAD Surfactant

The WELLHEAD Soil Surfactant construction consists of two high performance triblock copolymers chosen for their ability to establish or restore adhesion sites (negative sites) on soft surfaces such as thatch or surface litter as well as hard surfaces (soil mineral particles). Surfactants in the WELLHEAD formulation have been selected specifically on the basis of their ability to establish an optimum pattern of hydration and rehydration of soil particle surfaces within a water repellent soil profile.

As these surfactants attach to non-polar sites on water repellent areas, the surfactant molecules serve as locations for water molecule attachment (adhesion). Attachment of water molecules to the surfactants in WELLHEAD promote hydration, rehydration and retention of water to meet turfgrass plant demand. Further, application of WELLHEAD surfactants reduce surface tension – resulting in enhanced penetration, infiltration and the uniform flow of water into and through the soil profile.