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Poseidon is a highly innovative, advanced non-ionic rootzone surfactant complex formulated in combination with an auxin-balanced seaweed extract. This ground breaking surfactant system is designed to amend and significantly enhance water movement, water distribution, hydration and drainage in root zones influenced by water repellent soil particles. In addition, Poseidon contains a separate seaweed extract component designed to enrich the root zone with a natural source of major and minor plant nutrients and replenish deficiencies of cytokinin and auxin proteins caused by decreases in root metabolic synthesis during stress.

Unique Formulation

One of the surfactant blend components is a complex triblock copolymer containing non-polar terminating groups. These unique terminating groups provide additional nonpolar “anchors” that the surfactant uses to adhere to the water repellent surface of the soil particle.

This unique construction is designed to change the “footprint” of the surfactant on the soil particle in order to promote a more consistent level of hydration and rehydration. In addition to directing a more favorable pattern of hydration for the tri-block copolymer surfactant, the polymer construction of this tri-block copolymer also reduces the rate of microbial degradation which makes the surfactant’s last longer.

Auxin-Enhanced Seaweed Extract Component

But the Poseidon formulation doesn’t stop with solving water movement problems in the rootzone. A proprietary seaweed extract is included within the Poseidon formulation to enrich the root zone with a natural source of major and minor plant nutrients (including boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc).

Decades of research have verified a strong correlation between root system development, improved root mass and enhanced plant vigor with the application of seaweed extracts containing cytokinin and auxins.