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Neptune is a highly innovative, advanced non-ionic rootzone surfactant complex designed to amend soil profiles and significantly enhance water movement, water distribution, hydration and drainage in root zones influenced by water repellent soil particles. This ground breaking combination of leading edge surfactants also provides the professional turfgrass manager with an effective tool to refresh, restore and manage rootzone quality and productivity − through the uniform and stable movement, retention and distribution of water and dissolved nutrients to plant roots and to life-sustaining ecological communities that reside in this critical portion of the soil profile.

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Surfactant Complex

What sets Neptune apart from its competitors is that while both of its surfactant constituents, possess different performance characteristics, they have been constructed to work in harmony together to form a very uniform and consistent pattern of hydration and re-hydration – even with highly water repellent rootzone profiles.

The surfactant chemistries used in the Neptune formulation blend have been selected to address the demand by turfgrass managers for a surfactant solution that will:

  • Promote a more uniform movement of water (uniform wetting front) into and through the rootzone
  • Provide consistent hydration and re-hydration to ensure turf is supplied with adequate water and nutrients
  • Establish optimum air-to-water ratios
  • Increase turf resilience and stress tolerance