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LT 120 is a specialized long-term soil surfactant formulation designed to improve and maintain uniform water movement, distribution, retention, drainage and air:water ratios in water repellent soils for approximately 120 days! LT 120 incorporates a blend of two uniquely different, but highly complimentary block surfactants in combination with a novel graft polymer surfactant that is capable of significantly extending the performance window of LT 120’s surfactant activity. This unique surfactant combination is ideally suited for superintendents looking for a long-lasting solution for water repellent soils.

Radically Different Chemistry

At the heart of the LT 120 long term soil surfactant technology are new copolymerization processes that allow selected surfactant candidates to be grafted onto a large fully functional surfactant parent molecule in a manner similar to branches on a tree. In LT 120, this branched sequence of independent copolymer surfactants are used to increase hydration characteristics as well as provide a means to compensate for microbial degradation of the surfactant’s structure -- the primary cause of performance decay.

Unlike traditional “long-term” surfactants whose surfactant characteristics are terminated when disassociated by the cleavage of their molecular structure, the LT 120’s branched chain molecule is constructed in a manner that allows surfactant branches to be removed from the parent surfactant molecule, attach to water repellent sites on soil particles and retain their surfactant activity.

Reattachment of Branched Copolymer Surfactants

Once attached to hydrophobic areas on the soil particle surface, the copolymers establish new sites of hydration. This greatly extends the time that LT 120 will continue to provide improve hydration on water repellent soils. It should be noted that the parent molecule also retains its surfactant structure and activity – even when all its “branches are removed.