InCHECK’s spray adjuvant’s unique technology is designed to optimize soil directed pesticide performance on turfgrass by improving deposition of the spray application onto the intended target. In addition, by reducing the number of fine and large droplets in the application spray, InCHECK improves coverage and reduces drift and evaporation of pesticides being applied by ground or air.


InCHECK works in a very different manner as compared with most agricultural spray adjuvant products. InCHECK not only increases the average spray droplet size, but also modifies the spray droplets so they do not adhere to grass blades and thatch which improves the amount of pesticide deposited on the soil surface - reducing drift and improving the uniformity and quality of spray deposits.

Unlike other drift control adjuvants,  InCHECK does not negatively affect spray pattern -- even when using air assisted type nozzles. InCHECK should be used in conjunction with proper spray equipment selection set-up and use including boom height, nozzle type, size and pressure. Along with good judgment and the proper selection and use of spray equipment, InCHECK can help the golf course superintendent ensure the performance of soil directed pesticides is optimized.


Modified vegetable oil. InCHECK contains a methylated seed oil in its Special purpose/utility adjuvant. Pesticides are suspended as minute globules in the modified vegetable oil. The methylated seed oil enhances pesticide solubility in the tank and in the spray deposit and improves the pesticide spray emulsion properties.

Emulsifiers. In addition to its methylated vegetable oil, InCHECK contains a organosilane-based emulsifier complex containing a silane coupling agent and a silane water repellency agent.

In the case of InCHECK, the coupling agent acts as an emulsifier between the pesticide/oil surface and water molecules – creating a stabilized oil-in-water emulsion. Research has shown that the InCHECK technology creates significantly fewer smaller spray droplets (under 200 um) with most spray tips – without increasing the number of large drops. Mean droplet speed (velocity) also increases with the use of InCHECK.

Water repellency agents in the InCHECK formulation are silane-based molecules that add a hydrophobic, “water repellent coating” tp spray water droplets.
The purpose of adding a water repellent agent to the InCHECK formulation is to allow as many pesticide containing spray droplets as possible to “bounce” off grass and thatch surfaces in order to facilitate the maximum amount of pesticide reaching the soil surface.