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Fountainhead  is a specialized long-term media surfactant formulation designed to improve and maintain uniform water movement, distribution, retention, drainage and air : water ratios in water repellent container mixes.  Fountainhead incorporates a blend of two uniquely different, but highly complementary block surfactants in combination with a novel graft polymer surfactant that is capable of significantly extending the performance and efficiency envelope of Fountainhead’s surfactant activity. This unique surfactant combination is ideally suited for growers looking for a longer lasting solution for water repellent container media.

A New Approach to Extended Surfactant Performance
and Improved Media Efficiency

At the heart of the Fountainhead surfactant technology are new copolymerization processes that allow selected surfactant candidates to be grafted onto a large fully functional surfactant parent molecule in a manner similar to branches on a tree. In Fountainhead, this branched sequence of independent copolymer surfactants is used to increase hydration characteristics of the medium as well as provide a means to compensate for microbial degradation of the surfactant’s structure -- the primary cause of performance decay.

Leading Edge Hydration Strategy

The variability of the medium’s components present problems for traditional or “older” media surfactants. Use of only a single surfactant in these formulations may not be adequate to provide acceptable hydration to various components throughout the container mix. A surfactant that demonstrates superior hydration characteristics on peat moss, may fall short in how well it and how long it works on bark, perlite or other materials in the mix.

Fountainhead makes use of an advanced combination of three surfactant technologies –two block polymer surfactants in addition to its longer lasting branch copolymer surfactant. These surfactants have been selected specifically for their unique hydration properties, their impact on water movement into and within the medium and their overall contribution to improved air-to-water ratios.