Professional soil surfactant pellets are formulated for use as a convenient method of applying surfactants through hose-end applicators. Surfactant pellets are often used for temporary relief of turfgrass showing symptoms of water related stress, wilt or to reduce ambient air temperature for both cool and warm season turfgrass.

When applying soil surfactants, one should optimize their effects on the target site by applying the product at the proper rate with professional grade equipment.


Multi-Purpose Solid Wetting Agent Applicator

Numerator’s Multi-purpose Solid Wetting Agent Applicator  is designed for use by golf course superintendents and professional turf grass managers. It accepts most professional soil surfactant cartridges and features a high-flow, calibrated flat fan nozzle for uniform soil surfactant application throughout the entire spray pattern.

The Numerator hose-end applicator delivers approximately 50 gallons per minute, and efficiently applies wetting agents over large turf areas more precisely and in less time than conventional equipment. Water rotates within the chamber which evenly dissolves the soil surfactant pellet during application.

The entire application unit is constructed of heavy-duty materials and is designed to withstand commercial use. The durable flat fan nozzle is constructed with brass fittings, stainless steel nozzle and precision-engineered glass-filled materials for years of heavy-duty performance. Our shut-off control valve is designed for ease of application flow.