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The growing trend of mandating the use of nonpotable or recycled water on golf courses is now commonplace throughout the United States. Golf courses are now the leading recreational turfgrass user of wastewater. When used over an extended period of time, the soil's physical characteristics will change as the soil assumes many characteristics of the irrigation source. The use of effuent or reclaimed water can be problematic if levels of sodium and/or carbonate salts dominate these soil profiles.

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Frequent evaluation of the effuent water properties and those of the soil are required if the golf course superintendent intends to successfully manage the these challenges of alternate water irrigation.


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pHAcid Irrigation and Soil Water Acidifier

In many sodic soils, poor water penetration and blocked pores due to build-ups of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate are insufficient to leach Na in the form of NaSO4. Under these conditions, it is recommended that pHAcid initially be applied to the soil as a surface spray first, followed by routine injection of pHAcid through the injection system.

pHAcid is an innoxious, non-fuming and non-corrosive acidifier that is very easy to use and environmentally safe. The pHAcid formulation is ideally suited as a replacement for strong acids used to treat sodium and carbonate-affected soils.  pHAcid is a unique combination of a blend of acidifying agents combined with a multipurpose, high molecular weight surfactant.


Soil Management System for Water Repellency

Essentially all proven approaches to remediate carbonate and sodium-affected soils rely on the sufficient drainage to leach soluble sodium sulfate salts. However, as sand-based root zones mature, organic coatings build on the soil particle surface that can inhibit uniform movement and drainage of water through the soil profile.

REVERT is a unique formulation of DEPRO, a blend of unique organic coating removal agents, combined with a best-in-class surfactant complex designed to provide the golf course superintendent with a broad, proactive approach to address the cause and problems associated with the buildup of organic coatings on soil particles and soil water repellency (SWR).