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MOORING is a specialized multi-function water dispersible nonionic spreader sticker surfactant that is designed and formulated to be used by professionals to improve the performance functionality, efficacy and efficiency of pesticide and/or foliar feed micronutrient spray applications. MOORING’s formulation consists of a bend of two highly compatible nonionic components that when added to agricultural spray solutions, enhances the distribution and surface affinity the pesticide product to the leaf surface.


IMPROVED WETTING. The MOORING formulation contains a spreader/wetter surfactant that reduces and stabilizes the surface tension of the spray solution to allow the spray to establish a broader footprint (flatter profile) of contact between the spray droplets and the non-polar waxy cuticle surface of the plant surface.

The MOORING spray adjuvant composition also contains a multi- functional surfactant sticker component that adds a number of performance qualities that result in improved stability, uniformity, consistency and effectiveness of applied pesticides.

IMPROVED SPREADING. Acting as a dispersion agent and emulsifier, the MOORING multi-functional sticker component enhances the stability, uniformity and consistency of the finished pesticide spray. This contributes to improved efficacy and efficiency of applied products.

IMPROVED ADHESION. MOORING is a very unique sticker agent. It belongs within what is described as a lotion (emollient) class of sticker components. Sticker components are characterized in this way because of their ability to move and retain applied product within the upper regions of the waxy cuticle of plant surfaces – much like lotions or emollients that work their way into the skin as they are applied.

By anchoring product in the waxy cuticle polymer matrix, MOORING reduces the tendency for the dried deposit to be washed off of plant surfaces by rain or heavy dews and prolongs the effective life of the product.