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CrossOverTM is a highly refined, calcium and magnesium silicate soil amendment in pelletized form. Following its application, CrossOver establishes a reservoir of water soluble calcium, magnesium and silicon in the soil that has been proven to provide unique benefits to agronomic crops.

Silicates released by CrossOver are truly unique, inasmuch as they behave as a functional hybrids. As silicon is absorbed by the plant, it “crosses over” from its involvement in soil geochemical reactions, becoming an active participant in numerous plant processes that enhance the crop’s ability to resist and tolerate environmental stresses and regulate metal toxicity.

In Planta Benefits

Agricultural crops, professional turfgrass and horticultural crops are frequently exposed to combinations of stress including environmental (abiotic) stress and attack from living organisms such as pathogens and insects (biotic stress).
How serious are abiotic stresses? It is estimated that annual crop genetic potential for yield is reduced by as much as 75% due to suboptimal climatic and soil conditions.
Many plants have evolved a predisposition for the uptake and use of silicon in conferring tolerance in plants against abiotic stress to include quickening and enhancing recovery following stress.

The role of silicon in conferring tolerance in plants against abiotic stresses is now generally recognized by the scientific community. Plant available silicon plays important roles in the activation of processes that enhance and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of plant defense response systems when challenged by environmental stress conditions.

Soil Benefits

The increase in soluble magnesium, calcium and silicon species into the bulk soil solution following applications of CrossOver result in a multifunctional menu of geochemical reactions proven to be highly efficient and effective at managing and correcting a number of problems associated with chemical imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, structural instability and soil toxicity issues associated with alkaline, acidic and sodic soils.

Please refer to the CrossOver Granulated Liming Material label for use directions where soils may benefit from use of silicon.



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