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Making the transition to 21st century sustainable agronomic practices is an evolving process whose focus is on continual improvement. It involves consideration of new multifaceted programs that ensure plant health and productivity without compromising the long term interest of the environment and communities.

CrossOverTM is a silicon-rich soil amendment and soil conditioner that is well suited for use within modern agronomic practices designed to establish sustainable agro-ecosystems. CrossOver is a highly refined, calcium and magnesium silicate product in pelletized form. Following its application, CrossOver establishes a reservoir of water soluble calcium, magnesium and silicon in the soil profile that has been proven to provide unique benefits to plants as well as improve the physical characteristics of soil.

Soil Benefits

CrossOver’s benefits in the soil are associated with the release of soluble calcium and silicon species into the bulk soil solution that result in a multifunctional menu of geochemical reactions proven to be highly efficient and effective at managing and correcting a number of problems associated with chemical imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, soil structure, soil stability and soil toxicity issues associated with alkaline, acidic and sodic soils.

CrossOver provides a new dimension to the management of sodic soils. Compared to traditional calcium and gypsum products, CrossOver offers a significantly improved and more comprehensive solution for soils suffering from sodic conditions.

Silicate anions and calcium cations establish unique inner-sphere soil surface complexes that improve flocculation and agglomeration of dispersed clay particles and form polymeric soil binders that lead to increased particle aggregation, structural strength and long term stability.

Inert silicon molecules are active in both the soil solution as well as on soil particle surfaces, where they complex with aluminum, iron and manganese, and other metals and metalloids — causing immobilization, detoxification and precipitation of these potentially toxic elements.

In Planta Benefits

CrossOver is truly unique, inasmuch as it behaves as a functional hybrid. As silicon is absorbed by the plant, it “crosses over” from its involvement in soil geochemical reactions, becoming an active participant in numerous plant processes that enhance the plant's ability to resist and tolerate environmental stresses and regulate metal toxicity.

Dealing with abiotic stresses may be the biggest challenge facing worldwide agricultural, turf and horticultural industries in the future. Massive losses to crops and plants occur annually as the result of the inability of plants to withstand abiotic stress. These losses are much greater than occur from biological stresses.

The body of research to date, confirms that the uptake, transport and deposition of silicon enhances the ability of plants to overcome constraints posed by abiotic stress conditions (including multiple stresses) as well as improve the efficiency and effectiveness of plant defense response systems.

Silicon released by CrossOver plays a key role and actively participates in plant and soil processes that boost the natural ability of plants to withstand challenges from abiotic stresses that affect plant health and production.



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