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3 MOONS is an extended term surfactant formulation constructed of specialized triblock copolymers that when applied to soils susceptible to water repellency, will function to improve infiltration; enhance hydration and retention; promote uniform water distribution; and encourage better air-to-water ratios for up to 90 days. 3 MOONS soil surfactant is the result of applying leading edge polymer technologies to create longer acting surfactant multiphase systems capable of addressing a number of problems associated with water repellency.

"Tuned Surfactant"

Unlike many soil surfactants that utilize single surfactant technology or contain simple mixtures of different surfactants (polyblends), the 3 MOONS 90 Day Soil Surfactant formulation exploits the unique patterns of self-assembly associated with select triblock copolymers to obtain superior performance over a 90 day period.

The 3 MOONS triblock copolymers are capable of dynamically reconfiguring their polymer patterns between their nonaggregated state (linear arrangement) and a complex aggregated state (micelle arrangement).

Perhaps the most significant feature of these triblock copolymers is that they offer a predictive approach to dealing with surfactant self-assembly. The ability to forecast detailed features of surfactant aggregation opens up the opportunity to “tune” the 3 MOONS surfactant blend in order to optimize its performance characteristics. Using the triblock surfactants in the 3 MOONS surfactant, we create very unique a network of copolymers that provide adequate hydration, air: water ratios and uniform movement of water through the profile.